10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress – WPMU.org

One of my BIGGEST issues getting started in the blogging world has been my confusion about why we all just can’t get along?  Why does my love for Instagram mean that in order to easily share my photos form there I have to use tumblr instead of wordpress?  Why do some sites only let me add their blog to my reader by copying and pasting and manually adding instead of just clicking the RSS button, where is the RSS button?  Why can’t I reblog from everywhere?  I know I can post links, but it’s not the same…  Why is Twitter the only app on my phone (that I know of any way) that allows me to quickly and easily switch from one user account to another?  Why can’t I set up each account on my phone to post to the specific account I link it to instead of whichever one I happen to be logged into on my phone at that moment?  I have seriously considered activating my old iphone so that I can keep my “cyber life” and my “real life” seperate and APPARENTLY, I have been spelling SEPARATE with an E instead of an A my whole life, so that’s good to know, I seriously just had to google it because I was SO SURE that I had spelled it correctly… Dang!

And… that’s my Monday morning rant 🙂  Carry on.


10 Instagram Plugins for WordPress – WPMU.org.

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