I’ve been waiting for this.

He saw. She saw.

When I was newly single and living alone for the first time, almost four years ago now, I discovered the amazingness that was Netflix on the Wii!  You know, back when you had to load a DVD into the Wii and then it would log you into Netflix heaven?  Well, that is when I discovered Dexter, I was late jumping on the band wagon and from the one or two episodes I had seen when it first came out, I just didn’t get it’s appeal…

Until the wonderful world of streaming TV shows became a part of my life.  It was as if all of a sudden I could experience the highs and lows that all of America, hell, maybe the world had gone through watching this character Dexter murder graciously over the course of months, even years, IN JUST ONE DAY/NIGHT OR EVEN A FEW HOURS.  It was an exciting adventure… until I ran out of new material.  There were only so many seasons of Dexter available on Netflix and the show was so popular, you couldn’t rent the season DVDs anywhere!  So…. after an intense 3 week love affair with Dexter Morgan consuming all of my nights and whatever other free time I had, I had to cut him loose.  He was becoming too much work and I just wasn’t motivated anymore.  But!  About two months ago I was looking for shows to watch in marathon fashion while doing crafts and what not and Dexter presented himself again, it seemed as though he wanted another chance and with the new Showtime Anytime app on my Ipad, it seemed like it was meant to be.  I dove right in, even revisiting some episodes I had already seen, just to be sure Mr. Morgan and I were on the same page and… we were.  I fell in love all over, once again allowing him to consume my days and nights.  Because of the way that Showtime Anytime (yes I’m putting this on them!) is set up, before you know it you have watched multiple seasons and are rapidly approaching the end of their offerings.  Que my very own incredibly poor planning skills… If I had just waited, timed things out a little bit better, I could have segued straight from the end of Season 6 (which had the biggest cliffhanger of all of them naturally!) and moved straight into the Season Premiere of Season 7… But no, I gobbled every last second of every episode a month ago and knowingly thrust myself into the agony that is waiting for Dexter to return.

‘Dexter’ returns reinvigorated and with a bit of relief for season seven

I am well aware that I am mostly a jerk for even whining in the slightest since most loyal followers have had to wait a year to reunite with Dexter.  Long story short, I am looking forward to this Sunday.

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One thought on “I’ve been waiting for this.

  1. Lisa Joa says:

    I do the same thing with all of the other showtime series I watch, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Californication. I forget about them. And then when I realize a whole new season has passed, I “gobble them up” in one night. But with Dexter, its different. I’ve been a faithful follower since Season I, Episode I; never waiting more than a day to watch every new episode on demand. And that 2 minute preview I just watched, of what is to come on Sunday, just made my day!


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