GREY’S ANATOMY… “Going, Going, Gone” ?

Grey’s Anatomy premiered last night as most everyone is aware…

“No one apparently…”

In years past, the season premiere of this particular show would have incited intense excitement and anticipation for me, I would have been curled up on the couch ready and waiting to see what my “friends” have been up to.  Me, Meredith, Derek, Christina, Alex, Izzy, George, Richard, Dr. Burke and Addison… we go WAY back, we’ve been hanging out since 2006 (yes, I was late, I had no idea what Grey’s was and NO IDEA why everyone kept calling my favorite song on the radio “The Grey’s Anatomy Song”, but when I found out, I was HOOKED!)  I am a “repeater” and The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” only got more play time once I associated it with Grey’s!

There are NO WORDS for the ridiculousness that is the image you see for this youtube video lol, but, it’s a great video once you skip the the two minute ad at the beginning and close out the yellow “click for a funny video box”!

This year it was different, I found myself almost dreading the series premiere instead of looking forward to it. I really couldn’t wrap my head around last years season finale.  I was honestly just kinda over it after the whole plane crash shenanigan, I mean, seriously?  Totally unnecessary! I felt like it was a personal attack on me, I mean here I am growing more and more attached to my “friends” and Shonda just keeps killing them off.  I mean I have dealt with the following:

  • I accepted that Izzy wanted to be a movie star so she had to get cancer and be shitty to Alex.
  • I accepted that Addison needed to do a spin off show and that even though I had grown quite fond of her, even though I was always on “Team Meredith” of course, when Taye Diggs calls, you answer. (We all saw “How Stella Got Her Groove Back“!!!)
  • I accepted that even though Dr. Burke said he was sorry and did what he was suppose to do to make things as right as he could that PR just wasn’t going to allow it even though George was scheduled to be killed by a bus very shortly after Burke’s untimely departure, so he had to go.
  • I even kept it in stride when she killed Meredith and Derek’s unborn baby along with almost all of the other “new people” that she had tried to make me be friends with…

and much much more.

But, the core is thinning out and I just don’t know that I am looking for “new friends”, not at Seattle Grace anyway.  Shonda introduces me to “new friends” quite regularly, she has proven to be quite the matchmaker for me in many different locations but I think she and I may have to focus our energies on nurturing other friend groups because this one is quite literally DEAD.

It should be said that I am watching the show as I am writing this, watching a bit, pausing, writing and repeat.  The fact that I am even able to pause and wait and do anything whilst watching speaks volumes about the shows fading ability to make me hold my breath.  This season’s promo photo is weird, it feels extremely awkward and forced and oh by the way, WHY DON’T THEY LOOK LIKE DOCTORS???

Every other season they have been suited up in MD gear, scrubs, white coats etc… and this season they’re doing a photo shoot?  Huh?  It just looks REALLY stupid to me, it makes me feel bad for my “friends”, seeing them look so incredibly awkward….

Last seasons’ was sharp and classy and well… you know… “DOCTOR-like”… no more of that apparently.

The umbrella picture below if the Season 6 poster which promised to be”the season that changes everything”. Seems like EVERY season is “the season that changes everything”…  It kinda feels like “change” is becoming synonymous with”death” and granted death most definitely fits the definition of change, it would be awesome if some other kind of “change” could come to be expected for my “friends”.

As I am watching this episode, I am waiting… waiting for someone to wake up from a bad dream so that this terrible scenario is not reality, to explain what the hell has happened to Seattle Grace, to explain to me who all of these people I am watching are and what they have done with my “friends”, for someone to ‘fix” what has been done…. still waiting, 25 minutes in….

So… “The Twisted Sisters” just needed to endure a plane crash to magically unravel themselves and now they can just get by via Facetime via the ever so subtly placed “non-ipad ipad”?  Brilliant!  And now in a clever “twist” Meredith’s new nickname is “Medusa”, which makes perfect sense since now her snake dreads have no sister to twist around, magic in metaphors!

OMG 34 minutes in and DR. BAILY is no longer “The Nazi” she is “BCB”… “Booty Call Baily”?  WHAT. IS. THIS. PLACE?  McSteamy is dead and I am SO PISSED that I can’t even be sad.  These are my friends, I would normally be hysterical right now and… I’ve got a little knot in my throat but… this would be full on waterworks show…  This is NOT OK.  Not only is she killing my friends off, but now she is taking away my ability to react and mourn appropriately.  She’s totally messing with my psyche.

Arizona lived but lost a leg…That sucks.

But… for me, when you kill everyone else, it’s hard to really get drawn into a woe is me I had my leg amputated story line, but, we’ll see what they do with it…

I suppose I am going to entertain the show since I have been so committed for so long now, but… I am extremely wary of the direction it is headed.  It made me nostalgic for the place I was in in my own life and also for the place where Meredith started out when they played “Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley in this episode.  It almost adds insult to injury to try and inspire any sort of memory to that space and time when nothing is reminiscent now.  Back when feelings and emotions and doctor drama were pivotal to the story line… Those were the days. Sigh.

Writing this post has made me realize that I have obviously been carrying around some heavy baggage filled with disdain for the loss of all my “friends”, so whether this gets read by anyone or not, I can honestly say that I feel a lot better now that I got all of that out! Obviously, I’m not the only one feeling sad, confused and just plain tired… I just wish Shonda would chill a little. You know?

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