Bridezilla is real… and she’s learned to use email. LOOK OUT!

If you haven’t seen this yet, then get ready because just like the “epic wedding” that she describes throughout the email, her early onset dillusional, irrational, and (pardon me for this next one, but, it is reserved for special occassions and I think this most certainly qualifies as one) cunt-like behavior is ABSOLUTELY EPIC!

Follow this link for the full email, with commentary, or just click on the picture above, trust me, you won’t regret it!


I am a bride, right at this moment, I am planning my wedding, I am to my 35 day count down, so, I am in the prime sweet spot for my bridezilla qualities to start kicking in… And while I do have a short list of things I am frustrated about, the LAST thing I want to do is be crappy to my bridesmaids, I need those chics! Seriously.  Plus, I love them all, and there is no one else that could replace them, regardless of their schedules.  I have one bridesmaid who is in Greece right now, missed the bridal shower, hasn’t been able to pick up her dress yet etc… but, it’s all good, she is living a dream and I am incredibly happy for her.  I have been to Greece with her before, it is not an opportunity that you pass up, especially not for a bridal shower and a dress fitting.  But, seemingly nice people do TURN in to crazy people when it comes to weddings, I have seen it happen, we all have.  A great example is MY MOH, who has been my BESTFRIEND for 28 years now, since we were 3, she made a friend while she was in college that ended up getting engaged to she and I’s close friend from high school, so, she asked my BFF to be her MOH.  She said yes and was super excited to be a part of the wedding… until “IT” happened.

At the VERY beginning of the planning my BFF got a phone call from the bride asking her for her opinion about which weekend she should have the wedding, she told her that she had narrowed it down to two weekends and told BFF what they were.  BFF realizes that her family’s once in a lifetime vacation on an Alaskan cruise is already scheduled and booked for one of the weekends, so she lets the bride know…  She was immediately confronted with creepy and uncomfortable silence through the phone and so she stuttered out “But ofcourse I will cancel if you decided that that’s the right weekend to do it….”  Feeling sick to her stomach as soon as she said it…  The Bride says she will let her know and calls her back later that evening and tells her that she has chosen the weekend of her vacation.  BFF agrees to cancel her trip, takes tremendous grief from her family and also feels incredibly guilty as she knows that her friends wedding is important but realizes that a family trip with generations involved to somewhere as wonderful as Alaska is really not something one should miss.  Longest story ever short, the bride ended up being a complete brat and FIRED my BFF from her MOH duties a few months later and got on to her about making her feel guilty about her missing her vacation.  Luckily that Bridezilla relinquished her MOH of her duties timely enough that she was able to keep her original plans and went on an amazing cruise to Alaska with her family!

“TURN” is a key word here with both of these bridezilla examples though, because these “brides” didn’t even have time to have “TURNED” into a bridezilla, that’s how they started out! Which, in my opinion is a VERY scary sign.

Have mercy on the souls of any of the recipients of this email who are actually brave? enough to agree to be a part of her “EPIC wedding”!

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