This is Liz, just one of the two beautiful photographers that captured our wedding day. She and Erin both have a spirit that can’t be ignored and a willingness and openness to not only share their own story, but to help others to share theirs. These ladies truly inspire me 🙂

Liz of Papered Heart Photography

December is such an awesome month filled with anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, vacation, family time, giving and the birth of Jesus Christ.


December is also a month of heightened remembrance. Bryce was born on December 20th.

I almost died.


I was reborn.


Each year, at this time, I write about his birth and all the crap that came with it and all the amazing miracles and awakenings and dark times and tears and meds and on and on. Each year by the grace of God, it gets easier and easier to flip the calendar to the month of December.


I am a member of the Amniotic Fluid Embolism Survivor crew. Not a group you want to willingly join but this group of women has helped me get through all these hard times, memories, questions, etc.


So it’s December. I will plan a birthday party for Bryce. I will let myself remember…

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