In the Spirit of Lists

Another Pinterest find which fit my day and my creative mojo perfectly:


Also, while I am on the list tangent, 30 days of lists  is something that I have wanted to try and was quite popular when I first started smashbooking, butI always seemed to miss out on the start date and then it just seemed like more of a hassle to try and sign-up and catch up.  It was an awesome way to use smashbooks and a lot of the smashers I followed in the beginning were using theirs for their #30daysoflists.  But, this time around I have notice and I am kind of a believer that you can never have too many lists thus I am toying with the idea of signing up for this as well… We shall see.




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2 thoughts on “In the Spirit of Lists

  1. 30 Days of Lists is my favourite craft project ever – definitely go for it! Just discovered your blog and I love your Project Life pages and your blogging style. Look forward to seeing what you do next…


    • thejensspin says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I but the bullet and signed up for thirty days of lists so I will definitely be sharing on the blog! Thanks for reading and commenting, I REALLY appreciate it!


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