I spent this past weekend under the “clouds” enjoying my first ever music festival. We traveled to Gulf Shores Alabama to attend The Hangout with my sister, brother in law and two other couples and it was an amazing adventure. Three long days of sun, music and shenanigans.

The Hangout


The Hangout deserves it’s own post which I am working on, or rather I should say, “is on the list of things I will/should be/could be working on”? But for now, I’m just going to share the story of our journey home.

Monday, May 20th, 2013:

The whole crew got up and snapped back to reality after a whirlwind of a weekend. Everything was packed, condo cleaned out and we all got ourselves strapped in and ready for the 8+ hours that we would be driving home. I had the pleasure of being a passenger and not a driver. So I spent a lot of time playing games on my iphone, which is not something I usually do (I’m usually busy doing super important things like checking my Facebook, Instagram and Feedler accounts!) but I let myself get lost in Fruit Ninja‘s dojo, played a marathon of SpellTower and read some of Jodi Piccoult’s newest novel “The Storyteller” (which I am loving by the way). I was perfectly content allowing myself to enjoy just wasting time away. About five hours into the trip I caught wind of the tornadoes that struck in Oklahoma and I’ll admit, I let it flutter right through my thoughts and away again, still caught up in my own peaceful reality.

By the time we got to Daytona to pick up our car and head back to Tampa I had had time to look into what was happening and as we all know by now, it was devastating to see such unavoidable hurt and destruction. So many peoples entire lives forever changed in only a few moments. I began to feel a little guilty for the state of bliss I had been in all day, checked out from the world while so much was happening. But, at the end of the day, there wasn’t much I could do but send love and healing energy to everyone, so I did.


Don and I regrouped, gave hugs to my sister and brother in law and started the rest of our journey towards Tampa. Along the way I got an update from my CNN app saying that “Zach Sobiech, cancer patient, has died…”. I opened up the story to read more and there is where I first learned of Zach’s incredible story. Heart already heavy from all of the devastation in Oklahoma I played Zach’s Youtube video through the speaker in the car so Don and I could both hear:


With a knot in my throat I proceeded to the next video featuring celebrities singing along to his song “Clouds”:



So incredibly moving, to see such a beautiful message catching like wildfire and to see kind celebrities coming together to bring awareness to something so worthy. Tears were shed, and I laid my head on my husband’s shoulder and embraced the knot in my throat, feeling lucky to have him by my side. What a whirlwind of emotions I was feeling, overwhelming compassion pouring from me for so many, including Zach, as well as concern and frustration for those in Oklahoma. And then there was love, light and happiness still lingering within me from the incredible trip we were coming home from. In that moment I was reminded for the countless time in my life what an incredible force and blessing music is. Music, the universal language that has always been there to comfort me (usually on repeat) whenever I need it. So thankful to be able to not only hear it but to also feel it.

Zach’s song, “Clouds”, is number 1 on itunes, an incredible feat for even the most talented musician. People are talking about it and word is spreading, which is a wonderful thing. It’s amazing to see what “we” can do, when something beautiful, positive and inspiring just sweeps over us and makes something magical happen. Zach lit a fire that shall continue to burn long after his passing.

On that note.

Nothing to complain about from me, happy to be alive, healthy and in love. Surrounded daily by friends and family that greet me with a smile and an open heart. I will sing my song for them or you anytime.

My heart goes out to all of those in Oklahoma who are now and will continue to be coping with the aftermath of Monday’s tornadoes and to those who knew Zach, may you be forever comforted by the beautiful songs that he left behind to be shared with you and with the world. He is an inspiration.

Huge shout out to http://soulpancake.com/ for helping spread positivity, laughter and creativity throughout the world. Thank you for sharing Zach’s story with me and with the world.

“I want everyone to know: You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.” -Zach Sobiech


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One thought on ““Clouds”

  1. Anita says:

    So happy that I got spend the week-end doing some living with you by my side. Love you sister, beautiful post!


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