thejensspin is?

I am a 31 year old GIRL, rapidly approaching a married life complete with a name change… I never thought this time would come!  Big things on the horizon, a kick ass wedding, an incredible honeymoon and then the hope of possibly human making in the near future!

I am a lover of all types of pretty and wonder, whether it be paper, paint, pencil, music, cinema, automotive, nature, you name it, I can find something beautiful about it!

I am a Cursive for LIFE Supporter and will continue to write in cursive and encourage others to as well.  I will teach my children the “language of love” and if you need me to I will teach yours as well!

This blog is somewhere that I hope to share the daily me, to explore things I discover, to share new and old stories.  Maybe someone will read it?  Maybe they won’t, but, for me, it is nice to have a place to send all my randomness to.


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