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Because I too like Projects!

Doing my morning scroll through my google reader and I have found two new blogs to follow,, from my own wandering on Pinterest and the other via Ali Edwards’ perusing of Pinterest, where I found I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, but it is one of those places that I have to tell myself to NOT GO TO quite often because if I do then before I know it 3 hours of my life are gone and so are the three hours that I could have had to work on all of the incredible Pinterest projects I had posted on my last binge… It’s a vicious cycle but also an incredibly inspiring place to visit.

  • I am working on not saying “So” SO MUCH in my writing, so I am going to put it in parentheses for a little while, every time that I would have used it… Starting… now:

(SO) On my EXTREMELY long monthly Project Life post last week I mentioned that I really want to find a way to get myself back into Smashbooking and this morning I was inspired by a project that Ali Edwards is doing, it’s called 52 Lists and she found it on Pinterest via the lovely Moorea Seal’s blog.

I’m a sucker for lists…

Simple enough, A new prompt each week for a new list.

Isn’t it amazing how much easier it is to get a project going when you have the reassurance of someone else giving you the prompts?  LIke #fmsphotoaday,

there is nothing too incredibly unique or unusual about the prompts that are on here monthly lists, but the fact that someone else came up with the subject matter just gives me the freedom to focus on the fulfilling the request and responding openly and that is what I find most enjoyable about projects like this.  I would feel completely overwhelmed and unsure of where to start without the prompts as a starting point, but this is something that I think I can get into.  It would/could be an insert into my Project Life, but I think it will be more fun and interesting to use a Smashbook to document it.  (SO) Along with my Project Life I will now be doing 52 Lists.  I plan on trying to incorporate some of the Studio Calico kits that I have been hoarding since I joined the monthly program as well as magazine clippings that I have been habitually collecting, categorizing and hoarding since birth it seems like!

  • I once took an art class (and by that I mean that I took EVERY one available to me whilst at community college, to the point that my parents got a real kick out of asking me how “basket weaving classes” were going) and we had a couple of mixed media projects that we were assigned.  Most of the other students brought in a couple of current magazines or pulled from the stash of magazines at the studio… but not me.  I came in with my six categorized gallon size zip-lock bags completely full of clippings.  The Professor came by and took notice of my collection and asked where I had gotten “all of that”, I replied that I had been saving “this stuff” for as long as I could remember… “Just in case”… Spoken like a true hoarder LOL  But, there have been many times when my collection has come in handy so I’m happy that I have kept up with it.  I can never send a printed material of any sort off to be recycled until I have determined that there is nothing else in it that can be useful to me in some way, UPCYCLE/RECYCLE for the win!

This will also give me a chance to start using up some of the washi tape that I have been collecting and hoarding since I purchased my first roll from the K&Company Smashbook line.  Moorea is encouraging those that decide to take part in her project to link their blog posts and/or pictures back to her site corresponding with the prompts so that we can all see and share our lists with one another.  (SO) I will be doing that as well, look for that post on Mondays most likely as I am a procrastinator to the core and she posts her new prompts on Tuesdays so I will most likely be completing the previous weeks lists just before the new one comes out (of course that’s just after I catch up on the last 5 weeks worth of lists!)


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T-T-T TIMEHOP You Don’t Stop

“What were you doing one year ago today?”

This is my favorite app at the moment, what could be cuter than a little dinosaur that greets you each morning to show you where you’ve been?  I love this little guy, his name is Abe.  I personally love time travel in general, it can consume my life at times just trying to wrap my head around time travels potential impact.

timehop app

These are just a few examples of my own personal timehopping, and it doesn’t just hop you back one year, it goes back up to three!

This is a photo taken at my 26th Birthday Party of my friend Joey and I, it would be the only time we would actually get to meet in person, an awesome surprise visit from him!  He passed away too young and in the worst way.  Will always miss him.  Was nice to wake up to this photo of he and I the other day 🙂

Joey and I, miss him!

This one is for December 10th, which this year, 2012, marked my husband and I’s first full month of marriage, but, it was really sweet to see how I spent 12/10 in the years past.


This photo was taken on an awesome night out with some of my bestfriends on one of the only cold nights that year, I still love this hat, three years later!

timehop 5


We had an awesome group that use to get together every week or so to go on a “RustRide”, some of my favorite people are in this photo and that night was full of great memories!

RustRiders 4eva


The hubby and I had a delicious cookout with a great friend, I still remember those kabobs being the best EVER!

And, of course, an FB rant or two is bound to be included in my timehop as I am known to “air things out” via my status from time to time lol!  And even that part makes me giggle 🙂

One year ago...

Part of the reason that we all keep up with social media and photo sharing is to remember and document our lives, but, how often do we really go back?  With timehop, you don’t have to dothe work, you just get to sit back and enjoy your own life… again.  Thumbs up from this girl 🙂

timehop App

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#FMSphotoaday Day 3 & Day 4


Day 3 was the day of Happy Mail, both giving a receiving!  My sweet friend Sarah received her surprise SmashPackage and I received all sorts of wedding and craft supplies, including my new Polaroid z230 camera!


Day 4 was a lazy rainy day after work spent catching up on some shows, drafting a new blog post, researching/reading about creative blogging and doing some research on San Francisco where Don and I will spent part of our honeymoon!

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