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Pretty exciting, Trip Advisor is DEFINITELY in need of a face lift and an upgrade!


Remember the last time you planned a trip somewhere? Maybe it was somewhere exotic — you spent weeks in Southeast Asia, or maybe you just spent a weekend in a city you’ve never been to before, like San Diego. Chances are you spent several hours beforehand scouring ugly websites like TripAdvisor or searching through travel guides to find things to do. Maybe you asked for suggestions from friends and were met with 3,000-word long suggestions for places to visit for your 4-day excursion. When you actually got to your destination, your notes were scattered across multiple e-mails, Google docks, and guidebooks. And then there’s the process of actually booking tours or buying tickets for various highly recommended activities.

The founders behind new, online travel site Peek believe there’s a better way. Launching today, Peek is an alternative to the fragmented, painful Web 1.0 experiences that most travelers have become used…

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Packing for the Honeymoon will most likely be a disaster…

While at work today, instead of doing the other things on my never ending list that are much higher priority I was prompted by an email I received to read an article called “7 Ways to Bypass Baggage Fees” which was reasonably informative but ultimately just made me hate airline companies even more.  The next article is what peaked my interest and so I thought I would share:

It’s an Interactive Packing list:

You just click on the boxes that apply to you (and trust me, they have thought of pretty much everything) and then there are 10 additional boxes at the end that you can use however you like.  Once you have made your relevant selections you have the option to email and/or print your list.  Very helpful tool indeed.

No matter how many clever tools or articles about packing I consume between now and the honeymoon, there is no way that my luggage is going to look like this:

Because without fail it ALWAYS looks like this!

Bring on the overage fees… Wah Wah Wah!

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