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How thejensspin got it’s name.



I signed up for the dailypost over a year ago… I have yet to participate and even so I am pretty sure this topic is not up to date, but, you gotta start somewhere right?  I am also sure there is probably a more sophisticated way to reference said dailypost but I don’t really know what that might be, so, here’s the link:


“thejensspin” took me a long time to come up with as my blog title.  I had asked for suggestions from friends as well as on Facebook and while I got a few interesting suggestions, none of them really stuck for me.  At the time that I started this blog I was JUST learning how to “surf the net“, seriously.  I can not even express how dull my interweb life use to be, there were days when I would literally refresh my facebook feed every thirty seconds to see if someone else had finally said/done/posted something.  I had no idea where to look, I didn’t follow any blogs back then, I didn’t even know that something like GoogleReader existed (which makes it even more difficult that our relationship will be over in just a couple of weeks since we were just getting to the honeymoon phase of our relationship…) and I wasn’t shopping on Amazon.  I was… out of touch.

So when I started wedding planning, there really was no option but to start mastering the internet!  And once I started to discover all of the wonders that were all brand new to me, news stories, cool blogs, pinterest finds, awesome photos, the latest mac/apple news, I felt like I wanted somewhere to share it and talk about it, I kept coming back to it being “my spin on things” or my “take on things” so I was already spinning those two phrases in my head, but the entertaining part is the “the”.

Cue my husband, “The Don”, and yeah, his name is Don, actually Donald (which is really only associated with the duck and Trump, neither of which is very “cool”) so why wouldn’t he do everything he could to make his name cooler?  So, before he and I became an item, I got a picture message one night with this:

Oh man... The. Don.

Oh man… The. Don.

Now at the time, he was not my man, not my responsibility, he was just my kick ass friend with an awesome sense of humor and this just made my night.  TOO FUNNY!  and yes, it’s real.  Here it is again a few years later:

still there!

still there!

I have to show that because we’ve had so many people ask if it is real or not, because it is incredibly silly (as many tattoos are) and people who get to know Don before seeing it are always stunned by it!

I will admit, if he had wanted to get it after we were together I may have put up a fight and been a little uptight about it… but, since he did it before hand it all worked out and myself and my family fell in love with him, name tag and all.  People love it, think it’s crazy and have absolutely fallen in line and taken to calling him THE Don.  It’s hard to believe sometimes how many people have gone from calling him “Donnie” (pre-me) to now ALWAYS calling him “THE Don”.  I can’t help but feel that his commitment in branding himself had a significant impact on others deciding to go along with the whole name change!  I know it did for me.

When The Don and I first got engaged it became a running joke that I would be taking his first name instead of his last “Mrs. The” or “The Jen” etc. and I have to admit that it was a lot easier for me to imagine my name with a “The” rather than a completely different last name!  I even worked it into the end of my wedding vows in saying that I was so honored to be “THE Jennifer ….” it was a sweet moment and got a chuckle from our guests.  When searching for my blog name I wanted it to be something that would stand the test of time and continue to be applicable, so, it seemed right to include my “married name” thus “THEjensspin” was born.

THE end.

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What’s New in Evernote 5 for Mac?

I am catching up on my Google Reader Account today which I was WAY behind the times in creating by the way, but now that I have I honestly don’t know how I lived without it!… Kinda like Evernote honestly.  As a result of today’s catching up I have once again been immersed in all things Evernote,and their never ending ability to surprise me and wow me with their innovations.  Best thing about this post and video is that they are showcasing all things new for Evernote 5 for MAC which makes me OH SO HAPPY!




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