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AS REQUESTED: my must have Project Life supplies

photo copy

It makes me VERY happy when my friends reach out to me with interest in Project Life!  This is my first year and I have had three friends express an interest in starting their very own Project Life Albums, two of whom are expecting new additions to their families in the very near future.  As I have said before, Project Life WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO HAVE A BABY, I can now say that it seems that HAVING A BABY WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO DO PROJECT LIFE!  Most recently, my friend Jenn, who is expecting a baby boy sometime very soon, and who is also an INCREDIBLE photographer (you can check out her work here) told me that she was starting project life and asked me what else she might need other than a core kit, pages and an album.  Now, I have to say that while one of the most beautiful things about this project is that you don’t NEED anything else, you can MOST DEFINITELY use SO MUCH MORE if your heart desires!  I feel like I am far enough into this adventure now that I can accurately share the supplies that I reach for most often if not for every single spread.  This is in no way all of the supplies I use, that list is embarrassingly long, but that’s because that’s how I like to craft.  I love having lots of options! So these are my absolute faves and all things I would recommend to any and all who might be just getting started with Project Life.  Part of the fun of this whole process has been learning what works for me, hopefully this helps you to decide what works best for you!



Thickers: I use these EVERY single week!  Be sure to check in the tiny craft section at your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx for some great deals!

Roller Date Stamp: I need to use them more, but I love them!

Elmer’s Glue Dot Runner: This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of all the MANY different brands that are available!  There are also Tape Runners, some semi-permanent, some permanent (like immediately!) and on and on, I recommend this one as a good starting point.

Washi Tape: BE CAREFUL! THIS STUFF IS ADDICTING AND CAN BE FOUND EVERYWHERE NOW! But, it is such an awesome way to accent alpha sticker, add pops of color with no fuss, and of course it also serves it’s purpose as an adhesive method, so there’s that 🙂

Fiskars Scissors: Any scissors will do, these just happen to my favorite.

Fiskars Corner Rounder: I like having the option to round the corners of my photos, but I don’t always do it.  I do think that I am going to go back and round all of my corners because there is something about that little magical triangle of space in the pockets that make everything come together.  And since my Project Life is completely scattered with constantly changing color schemes and what not, it would be nice to know that there is AT LEAST ONE thing that is uniform throughout!

Project Life Corner Rounder: I just found this at my Michaels, I am happy with it and it’s pretty cool that the corners are the exact same as the Project Life core kits. It is not available on Amazon yet but it should be SOON!

Silhouette Pick Me Up: This little tool makes moving Thickers and the smaller alpha stickers that come in the Studio Calico Kits a lot easier to adhere.

Staedtler Fineliner Porous Point Pen:  LOVE the way these write!

American Crafts slick writer (see below)

Project Life Pen (see below)

Staedtler permanent Lumocolor (see below)

uniball Signo broad (see below)

Custom Stamps (see below)

Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher: This little magic stapler is just SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY WITH!  It’s such a dainty little staple that you will find yourself using it constantly!

StazOn Ink Pad: This ink is great because it will “stay” on most every surface!

I have provided links to almost everything through Amazon or etsy because that is what is easiest for me to do, but these items don’t have to be purchased on the internet, I bought lots of them at Michael’s or Joann’s using their weekly coupons.  You can also check out these awesome scrap supply sites:

Two Peas in a Bucket, Scrapbook.com, Studio Calico, and Simon Says Stamp.

A little closer angle:


Pictured Below:

Canon Selphy Printer

Studio Calico Project Life Kit


The Canon Selphy is awesome because it allows me to print, via wifi, directly from my iphone.  It has proven to be extremely helpful in times when I am falling behind and want to catch up quickly on my weekly layouts.  Now that I am almost done with my first year I do find myself using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to resize, edit and add text to my photos which I then print on my HP printer, but when I need things to be simple I like knowing I have the Selphy available.

Here’s a closer view of my favorite and most used writing utensils as well as the silhouette tool which works GREAT to help align thickers on your layouts.  The white pen is BY FAR THE BEST option for writing on a photo, just be sure to write slow as to give the ink time to flow as well as allowing time to dry before sliding into your pockets.


These are all great pens, the project life and precision writer are the same pen and are great for writing on all kinds of paper, the slick writer is perfect for writing directly onto your photos.


The Studio Calico Project Life Kit

photoThis is Studio Calico’s August Project Life Kit, it is part of a monthly subscription program (you can also purchase month to month at a little higher cost).  This subscription is BY FAR the best addition to my Project Life process!  I LOVE their products and feel like a little kid at Christmas each month when my box full of goodies arrives from them.  I have never once regretted signing up for their monthly kits.  This picture does a pretty good job of showing all of the adorable things you can expect each month, but just click here to take a look on their site.  If you do decide to order a kit you should pick up some of these Fiskars Acrylic Blocks for clear stamps, they come in a package of varying sizes which will accommodate the stamps that are included in SC’s Kits.

photo 2

Custom Stamps!

photo 1Even if you don’t really think stamping is for you, I HIGHLY recommend picking up a couple that you really love, I think you will find that it adds something special to your layouts.  These stamps are from three of my favorite crafty ladies!

Click on their names below to be taken directly to their stamps shops.

Elise Blaha Cripe “THIS” “FOR THE RECORD” “YOU ARE HERE” “<3” “HELLO”


Kelly Purkey “IT’S MY JAM” “#”

And last but certainly not least, I have to give you the list of blogs that I have become a loyal follower of, all of which provide me inspiration for all things crafty, especially Project Life, on a daily basis!

Amy Tangerine

Ali Edwards

Elise Blaha Cripe

Design Editor

Deb Duty

Pink Ronnie

Sudio Calico Blog

Kelley Purkey

For those of you that are prego you might want to pay special attention to Amy Tangerine as she expecting VERY SOON! Elise JUST HAD a baby girl, so I would check back through the last couple of months for some GREAT inspiration from her, she has done a lovely job documenting and sharing her daughters entry into the world! I have linked a few blog posts at the bottom of this post for your enjoyment!

I SERIOUSLY hope that this blog post is helpful for you, it has taken me MUCH LONGER to write/create than I anticipated LOL! Tomorrow is my birthday. and I plan on sharing my “32 Highlights” so keep an eye out for that.  As always, THANK YOU for reading! If you are new to Project Life or a seasoned veteran, What supplies do you love the most?  Please share, leave comments and/or ask questions!  It let’s me know that you were here, that someone is reading and more importantly, I LOVE KNOWING THAT I HAVE SHARED SOMETHING USEFUL!


P.S. I am not cool enough or popular enough to be getting paid for any of these recommendations! (A girl can dream that some day she might be!)  Everything you see listed here is here because they are all things that I actually use/read/need! Thanks!

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It’s been a while… Brief Project Life update


Well, keeping up a blog is work, plain and simple and it’s not just work, it’s creatively inspired work.  Thus, when the creative mojo is sparse or non-existent, it’s damn near impossible to get the fingers to the keyboard.  It’s been about two and a  half months since I have taken the time or have been inspired to sit down and write something here, which is ok, I don’t have a hyped up following that is chomping at the bit to read what I will type next, so I am safe for now.  There are however; a number of bloggers whose pages I have become accustomed to reading every day, those bloggers are not allowed to go on hiatus for months at a time! But I am a “baby blogger” so I am not going to feel too guilty about my absence. For those of you that do read when I write I am thankful for you and hope that my sporadic nature doesn’t take away from your enjoyment of my posts!

Project Life:

Well, it’s going.  It’s going really well at times and then slow and then swell and back again.  Which, with a project like this is to be expected.  One thing is for sure, I still love it and I have no intentions of abandoning it or not completing it.  I have visions of beautiful book shelves filled with Project Life Albums.  My kids will love them someday (my future kids that is) and I know that it will bring my husband and I joy to look back through them as we get older.  All of that being said, it is a time commitment and I would say that it is probably wise for any and all “Rookie Project Lifers” like myself to approach the first year as a complete and total experiment.  I am STILL, almost 5 months in, figuring out what does and doesn’t work for me and what exactly Project Life means to me.

Things like:

Do I want to include memorabilia within my pages? or do I want to save those things for Smashbooks? Or has the streamlined method and look of Project Life changed my mentality all together and now I just want to focus on pictures and journaling?

What is my style? will my style keep changing or will I eventually fall into a rhythm? is falling into a rhythm the same as being lazy and will I be happy with my pages if/when I do find a rhythm?

Do I really like core kits? or do I just like to make my own cards or subscribe to the kits from Studio Calico? or just print the digital kits?

Do I want to stay committed to majority handwritten journaling or do I want to start incorporating more typed/printed text?

Do I like “brushes” on my photos or no?

Will I ever learn how to use the Silhouette Cameo? and if I do, what kinds of things will I use it for for Project Life?

Inserts and embellishments or no?  Right now they seem necessary but, at this rate there will be at least two if not three albums PER YEAR… That’s a REALLY BIG BOOKSHELF we’re talkin’ about in only a few years LOL!

Things I do know:

I do seriously LOVE, having this record of our lives.  I find myself wishing I had been doing it all along and Becky Higgins posts success stories of people going back and documenting their lives on a regular basis, so, maybe that will happen some day.

I like randomness.  Matchy matchy throughout a whole album is probably never going to be my style, but I will say that I like the idea for albums that are based on a theme such as a baby album or wedding album, I can see the cohesiveness making more sense in those situations.  I am contemplating using a blend of core kits to put together a wedding album for Don and I.  So I guess I still do desire some variety lol.

I am not committed to always using the 12×12 format, I have seen a number of examples of people using different sizes such as 8×10 and 8×11 and I think I am more attracted to rectangles than squares, but we shall see how that goes.

I just recently stumbled upon annmarielovespaper and LOVE her style, this is a great example of what is generally more aesthetically pleasing to me:

Love this!

One issue that would arise for me if I switched to this kind of format would be photo selection as it is already very difficult for me to whittle my photos down for each week and I don’t think re-sizing them will be solution enough. For now I am happy and committed to sticking with the 12×12 albums for the first full year.

I am not nearly as obsessed about rounding corners as I thought I would be.  Now this could be because I have let myself get behind so my priorities have shifted towards completion rather than “perfection”.  I’m not ruling out the possibility that I may eventually crack and go back and round every single corner, but for now, my corners are random and that’s just fine by me.

More on getting behind.

At first, around the time of my “Deep Thoughts of a Rookie Project Lifer Part 1” post, I was up to date, working at the end of each week on the week that came before and while that was working, it was also a bit… frustrating.  I found myself wanting more to work on and also wishing that my Studio Calico kits were already there for me to use, so I decided to intentionally let myself get 2-3 weeks behind so that I could use the SC kits when I wanted to and also so that there would be more to work on at once.  It was good in theory for about two weeks and then…. LIFE HAPPENED!  One event, sickness, new car purchase, maternity shoot, Netflix marathon led to another and before I knew it I was 6 weeks behind RAPIDLY approaching 7.  That was NOT a good feeling.  I started to panic and flail around in the quicksand of my craft room and quickly had visions of writing my “I Failed at Project Life” post.  But, after I let myself have a breakdown I pulled myself together, organized my photos, all in one night, printed them two nights later and then WENT TO WORK for a day and a half.  I would guesstimate that I spent probably about 16-20 hours that week catching up on Project Life.  Now that’s A LOT of time BUT, that averages out to a little under three hours a week for the 6-7 weeks that I was behind which is about how much time I was spending when I was doing it week to week.  Plus, all of those hours were enjoyable for me, I love working on Project Life and working with photos on the computer, it’s stress relief in and of itself even though not having kept up with it was what was really stressing  me out.

A couple of months ago Don and I went to a baby shower for some very sweet friends of ours who were expecting their first (and only) child, baby Ty.  I decided that I was going to give them what I wanted them to have and not so much what they picked out at Buy Buy Baby, I mean, that’s what friends are for right?  So, I ordered them the Project Life Core Kit Baby for Him edition, a 50 pack of Project Life pages, a We R Memory Keepers Album and a Canon Selphy printer.  They seemed pretty excited about it and the handsome little man has since arrived (he was born last Friday) which just happened to be the day that I assembled her album for her, perfect timing!  So I am hopeful that she will keep up with it, at least for the first year and honestly if she does, how could she not fall in love with the concept and want to keep on going? Right?… We shall see.  I will be dedicating an entire post to the baby album putting together process and when I do I will link it up here.  For now, here is a sneak peek at what that whole process entails:

Project Life Baby Album

I will just say that before you offer your services in this particular area, make sure you truly do love the person you are doing it for because it is quite a bit of work and also that you have a VERY large space to work in!

That’s all for now on the Project Life front, I will continue to work on part 2 of my “Deep Thoughts of a Rookie Project Lifer” post and hope to post it in May sometime.



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